Form of Navdurga and its Importance.
1. Goddess Laxmi Devi (Gajalaxmi)
    Form of God Vishnu’s wife. Give to devotees to richness and abundance.
    Location: Near Shivaji Bridge.
2. Goddess Gajendralaxmi Devi (Gajambika)
    Form of rich. Give devotees to abundance.
    Location: Near Lugadi Lane.
3. Goddess Ekveera Devi (Ekambika)
    Mighty form of parents of Goddess Durga, Fulfils a desire and prime Goddess of power.
    Location: Near Commerce College.
4. Goddess Mukamba Devi (Muktambika)
    Goddess of knowledge and liberty.
    Location: Near Sathmari.
5. Goddess Padmavati Devi (Padmambika)
    Form of freedom, Goddess give freedom when devotees suffering from his sin.
    Location: Near Jayprabha Studio.
6. Goddess Priyangi Devi (Pratyangira or Firangai)
    Form of affliction, This form destroy on on devotees diseases and troubles.
    Location: Near New College.
7. Goddess Kamalaja Devi (Kamalambika)
    Form of assurance of safely, Guardian Goddess of all Gods.
    Location: Near Ubha Maruti Chowk.
8. Goddess Mahakali Devi (Kalambika)
    Form of destroyer Goddess. Given Knowledge and decrease hedonism. Power of destroys.
    Location: Near Sakoli Corner.
9. Goddess Anukamini Devi (Anugai)
    Form like mother, Guardian of Karveer Nagar.
    Location: Near Rankala.

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