Babujamal The Babujamal Dargah(mosque) is behind Saraswati Cinema theatre within a short distance of the Mahalaxmi Temple. This Dargah appears to have built when the Muslims first conquered Kolhapur. There is a big gate leading into the Dargah grounds. The top of the gate has, however, been removed. This gate built in 1909 according to a tablet fixed there. The Dargah has a extensive area with a garden and subsidiary building. The main Dargah stands in the middle of the ground. It is a typical Muslim structure with a big dome and four small domes at the four corners. The Dargah seems to have built with stones of Hindu temples because the image of Ganesha appears on the lintel of the door. This Dargah is the most important Muslim shrine in the city. Many Hindus also go there for worship. This is the only Islamic Tomb with Lord Ganesha engraved on the entrance arch.

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